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Friday, January 23, 2009

Seeing Beyond "Sexy"; What are you saying?

This is a spin-off from the "proper introduction" post down below. In recent conversations with some of my female colleagues, it seems that a great number of men these ladies meet for the first time have a tremendous failure to communicate. Apparently, none of these men read my post on how to make a proper introduction. Of course, my idea of a proper introduction may be too "professional" for their taste. Instead, I am being told the first thing that comes out of the guy's mouth is: "Damn, you sexy!" (or some rendition thereof).

Using introductory statements and phrases that refer to a woman's sex appeal and/or to her superior body (private) parts portrays an intention of immediately pursuing sexual relations even though there has been very little verbal communication other than, "Damn, you sexy!" or "Damn, you gotta phat booty." This is so inappropriate! Again, fellas, let's start with a "hello" or "hi" followed by your name and some sane type of ice-breaker conversation that does not have any sexual overtones. If you start off the interaction in the incorrect manner, you will doom the relationship and it will never get started. Ladies, if you run into guys that feed you this crap, keep it moving!

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