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Friday, January 9, 2009

Making an Effective Introduction

Since this is the first post to this blog, I thought it would be appropriate to begin with an "introductory" type topic. Many of you have heard the expression: "First impressions are lasting impressions". This is truly applicable when it comes to individuals introducing themselves to other for the first time; in particular, men initially introducing themselves to women. In some circles, this process is referred to as "stepping to". Different men use various methods when they are about to "step to" a lady. Some men attempt to impress women with a rough-style approach by utilizing a thuggish "gangsta" appearance; while others have a smooth and suave approach which encompasses a combination of a confident swagger along with flirtatious and flattering speech. While some men (some would argue 'a lot of men') have "no game" at all.

In my experiences (most of my comments are based on my experiences), the most effective approach for a man to take is the one that will be best received by the woman based on her particular taste. In other words, you could more simply say, "birds of a feather flock together". Let's say, for example, you are attending an after hours social event at a bar/restaurant where the majority of people there appear to be working professionals dressed in suits or business casual attire. A woman there would most likely be turned off by a man who tried to step to her using the "gangsta" approach. In this setting, a man should properly introduce himself by giving his real name (at least his first name; no crazy nicknames), extend his hand for a gracious handshake and use an effective ice-breaker tactic like bringing up the latest current events. Mature, professional ladies love a man that can carry a great conversation, doesn't totally center the topic of conversation around himself, has a non-corny sense of humor, .....and for crying out loud can ya SMILE fellas? A smile at just the right time can be contagious and will lighten the atmosphere. The key word is personality. Making a personality connection is essential in making a favorable impression on a man or a woman.

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