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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Beauty Intimidation Factor

In a previous post, we discussed the reasons why men shy away from dating and/or marrying professional women.  Right now, we want to focus on a specific point somewhat related to this topic.  Consider the above mentioned professional woman who has just about everything going for her (well-educated, good job/career, own house, own car, etc.).  You want to make an attempt to inititate casual communication with this woman, but when you look at her, you mind just goes:  "She is drop dead gorgeous!  There's no way she is single.  If she is, why?"  You also may ask yourself, "Am I wasting my time trying to talk with this woman?  What would she see in me?  Am I up to her standards?" 

I am choosing to call this the Beauty Intimidation Factor (BIF).  How does BIF come into play when trying to make a move on a woman?  Ladies:  have you ever felt this way when trying to talk to a man?  Or, do you consider yourself in this category and feel you have had men not talk to you because of the BIF?  Should men just "man-up", overcome their fears and step up to the plate?  All men aren't really like this, or are they?  We need to hear your responses.  Click on the word COMMENTS below to leave your feedback. 

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