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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Mistress Gets Richer

Families spend more time together during the holiday season (here defined as any time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day) than any other time during the calendar year.  One of the highlights of this time period is the gift giving process.  Everyone, especially young children, is excited to see what "Santa Claus" (there may be young kids reading this!) put under the tree for them. 

Wives may be excited to see what their husbands thought to get for them.  However, they may really be intrigued if they found out some other items the man bought - gifts for his mistress.  Click on the following link to read an article in the NY Daily News about how much more some men spend on their mistresses than on their wives:
Of course, one prevelant reason for this is men's lack of faith in monogomous relationships and obsession with having multiple women in their arsenal regardless of the man's marital status.  It could also be a control issue or a case of bragging rights amongst male colleagues. 

But, how does the wife factor into this equation?  Here is an example:  a begrudging wife plus a disgruntled husband equals a very satisfied mistress.  Ladies:  you think you have enough of a strangle hold on your marriage that you don't believe your husband will stray away to find happiness elsewhere?  You may need to evaluate your overall relationship status and step your game up to prevent your man from glamorizing another woman with lavish gifts and praise while leaving you with the scraps. 

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