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Friday, July 10, 2009

Lessons Learned from McNair Drama

Former Tennessee Titan and Baltimore Raven quarterback Steve McNair was shot to death in a reported murder-suicide in Nashville, TN on the morning of Saturday, July 4, 2009. The young lady suspected of shooting McNair several times before turning the gun on herself has been identified as Sahel Kazemi, a 20-year-old acquaintance of McNair. Convicted murderer Adrian Gilliam, Jr. allegedly sold the gun to Kazemi two days before the incident.

A week after McNair’s murder, former world boxing champion Arturo Gatti was found strangled to death in a hotel room in Brazil. Police have charged his 23-year-old wife with his murder.

The Steve McNair case still has some people scratching their heads. It seemed like the man had everything going for him. A successful NFL career; a good wife; 4 handsome boys in the house I'm sure he loved and adored. What in the world made him stray to this young 20-year old thing who seemingly had nothing going for her? What is the attraction to someone who on the surface did not seem to have anything in common with him? Well, in my estimation, there must have been some trouble in his marriage for him to seek comfort from another woman. Of course, being a high-profile professional athlete will make you attractive to many of the opposite sex (even those of the same sex, but that is another discussion). Curiosity is certainly a viable factor, but that should not persuade one to engage in inappropriate activity. Considering the reported facts in this case, this appears to be a probable case of "fatal attraction". McNair may have tried to break it up with Kazemi and she took the stance of: "If I can't have you, no one can."

Who knows what happened with Gatti; but it looks like the wife shot him down (no pun intended) before he could get in any trouble. What are your thoughts? Click on the word COMMENTS below and let's hear from you.


  1. Why is it always the wife's fault at home for a man to cheat? That's such a lame excuse! He was just greedy!! Plain and simple and he wanted to probably control this younger woman and his greed and need for control backfired like it always does! End a relationship before starting a new one! That's food for thought....

  2. This is not necessarily a case of the wife being at fault. If anything, he is at fault for taking the easy way out by creating a relationship with another woman without attempting to make amends with his spouse. When he got into the second relationship, the mistress decided to end it all before he could break up with her and go back to the wife.