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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Hangover

How can I have a relationships blog without mentioning something about Valentine's Day? Well, now that the big day has past, let's briefly talk about the build-up and the aftermath.

Valentine's Day ranks among the top 3 greeting card holidays in terms of sales. Other items that generate high dollar sales for Valentine's Day are chocolates, flowers, balloons and restaurant meals. Intimate apparel also attracts attention. Some people go all out to impress their special someone sparing no expense; while others could really care less about receiving cards, flowers, gifts and waiting hours in line for a seat at a local restaurant. From some of the feedback I have received personally, I dare say home pizza delivery business was booming this past Saturday.

Some people take the Valentine's Day opportunity to privately renew their marriage vows; while others conversely break up with their mates right before the holiday to avoid the affectionate expenditures. Well, now that the chocolates have been devoured; the balloons have lost air; the flowers are wilting and the restaurant leftovers have invaded the refrigerator, where do you go from here? What was your incentive for buying those gifts and making those reservations at the restaurants and hotels? Was spending all that money a wise investment in the long term health of your relationship; or did you just get caught up in the vast commercialism of the holiday?

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