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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Men's Fear of Rejection

Ladies: you meet a man at a club, bar, restaurant, etc.; you initiate conversation with him and just at the moment you express some interest in him, he seems to get very nervous, he stutters over his speech, seems to become clumsy and just overall falls apart. What is that all about? Are men really so scared of rejection that they lose their composure then they feel they find an ideal woman? Let's examine this topic for a few moments.

Some of this reasoning refers back to items mentioned in a previous post. The ego factor is a major contributor in assessing men's behavior around women. In the man's mind, he feels the need to display to the woman that he knows how to handle his business and can take care of her as well. In the process, he wants to make sure all his "i's are dotted and t's are crossed" thus, the subsequent nervousness surfaces.

Now, let's take a look at the woman's perspective on this. Women tend to subtly be detail-oriented when it comes to examining men. For example, they will ask questions to themselves like: "Is his hair neatly groomed? Is he color-coordinated? Are his shoes clean/new? Does he wear brand-name clothing? Does he have all his teeth? Is his breath bad?" etc. Some women will even go as far as check to see if the man has a "bulge" sufficient enough to suit their taste. Although all these questions are visually asked within a few seconds, when a man feels like he is being thoroughly checked out, that's when the nerves kick into high gear and it becomes an all-out attempt to keep that woman from saying "no".

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