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Monday, April 20, 2009

What's his is mine, but what's mine may not be his

Ladies: Your husband has worked hard all his life and has a good job with benefits. He has a healthy life insurance policy which he entrusts to you upon his death as you would expect. Your husband truly wants the best for you and your children in the unfortunate event he departs from this life in sudden fashion.

Now, you also have contingency benefits such as life insurance, short-term/long-term disability, etc. You feel the same way about having the best for your children, but for some reason, you do not totally feel the same way about your husband. This is evident from hearing statements such as: “I ain’t leaving him nothing!”; “All my money is going to my kids!”. What is the reasoning for this? What has this man done so wrong to you that you’re basically going to leave him high and dry in the event of your sudden death? If he has done something to you that you feel has hurt you that bad, then why are you still married to him now? This is puzzling! Ladies, please help me out! Please leave your responses below; let’s hear your comments.

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